John Hoge Goes There

Brett Kimberlin won’t comply with discovery, and won’t pay sanctions regarding previous refusals to follow court rules.

Finally, John Hoge mentioned the one word many of us would think would be fair:


Why should Brett Kimberlin be allowed to fail to comply with court sanctioned orders? 

Fail to answer a traffic ticket, and you pay a stiff fine. Avoid paying the sewer and water bill, and you get the water shut off. But if you’re Brett Kimberlin and the state of Indiana awards a woman more than a million dollars because you blew her and her husband up with a homemade bomb…or you ignore every rule in your several lawfare suits in Maryland and Federal courts…

Nothing happens.



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2 Responses to John Hoge Goes There

  1. BusPassOffice says:

    nothing beclmes something. even in maryland. there is s reason why court sanctions r not immefiately collected


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