Or, the Schools Could Teach the Greater Lesson of Consequences

Seattle Times:

Students at a number of Seattle middle and high schools are planning walkouts for Inauguration Day on Friday, and the district is telling families that any students who participate likely will receive an unexcused absence.

That’s under a longstanding district policy, a spokesman said, and it was in place in November when thousands of students walked out of class to protest the election of Donald Trump.

Seattle Public Schools sent a reminder about the unexcused-absence policy last week.

 In response, Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant has asked the district to withdraw the letter, which went to students’ families, and she also started a petition to “respect the right of students to protest.”
They do have a right to protest. On their own time. Or take an unexcused absence. Kshama Sawat wants these protesters to shirk their responsibilities without consequences. 
Start that kind of thing and you’ll have a generation of coddled, self-centered layabouts. 

UPDATE: More stupid.  A Tennessee principal defends the decision to continue with class and NOT show the inauguration because “news happens every day…” 
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4 Responses to Or, the Schools Could Teach the Greater Lesson of Consequences

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Start that kind of thing and you’ll have a generation of coddled, self-centered layabouts


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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    If political protests were excused absences, the school district would soon find that politics become intolerable and in need of protest on sunny days with good beach weather.

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  3. Mrs. Whatsit says:

    There was a disagreement in my son’s classroom about watching the Inauguration. Two aides walked out and went to the principal to make them turn it off. It didn’t matter to them that the kiddos were enjoying watching it. Mustn’t let non-verbal, wheelchair bound CP kiddos enjoy watching something educational.
    (BTW: They always watch TV during lunch: game shows like The Price is Right)


  4. Some districts are debating the wisdom of putting the president’s portrait up. I slightly adjusted my plans to include an option to color Mr. Obama — or Mr. Trump. My class was at lunch during the inauguration, and we don’t watch live TV ever, so it was not an issue. Weekly Reader put out a big poster sized issue, with a small pic of Trump and a large White House picture. I forgive them. Orange ink is expensive.


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