NPR’s Ari Shapiro Finds America

Or at least rural Yadkin County, NC, which he visited and found the exact people who like Trump:

The people we met in Yadkin County — which is north of Charlotte, in a rural corner of the state not far from the Virginia border — take pride in being self-sufficient, paddling hard to stay afloat.

A lot of them said that over the past eight years, it feels like the government has been a weight dragging them down. After eight years under President Obama, they are hoping a different kind of change is on the way.

It’s funny that NPR would have to ‘send’ somebody to rural America to ‘find’ the kind of people who voted Trump. As if those folks are a part of a sociological study, and require examination. Shapiro mentioned that the county is overwhelmingly white — as if that statistic makes the opinions of the folks interviewed any less significant.

Shapiro does note that over the last few years, folks who could earn a living with one job are now working two jobs to make ends meet.

Link to the audio of the entire story here.

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1 Response to NPR’s Ari Shapiro Finds America

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Wouldn’t expect anything different from tax payer funded radio. It’s an innately socialist enterprise and is going to attract people with a certain mindset. A guy I knew in college’s parents were both communists working there. I mean, they were self described communists, not an assumption because of their job.


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