British Police Look into a Political Speech as Hate Speech

This IS coming here. Logical, mature, smart people are being hoodwinked by this stuff. Jonathon Turley has been following this all over Europe:

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Now a recent complaint filed by a professor against Home Secretary Amber Rudd illustrates vividly how hate speech has become for some people an extension of political disagreements.  The complaint by Prof Joshua Silver, an astrophysicist, will not result in any serious investigation but it was recorded as a hate crime allegation under the existing standards.  [The Home Secretary is a cabinet level domestic policy person.]


So what did she say?


The complete text is here. A part:

Twenty years ago levels of immigration weren’t really an issue in British politics.
As net migration has risen, that has changed.

I’ve seen why as a Member of Parliament for Hastings and Rye.
Hastings is a seaside town that has experienced relatively high levels of migration over the past two decades.
That’s led to legitimate concerns around the pressures put on housing, public services and wages.
The Prime Minister recognised this, and took action to reduce net migration in the areas she could when she was in my position.
And now as Home Secretary it is my responsibility to do the same, and to make sure people’s concerns are addressed.

Looking for the hate? Yeah. Check the full speech. No hate.

Nothing was hateful in the speech, though she suggested that the UK needs to look into the sex scandal in Rotherham Pakistani-Indians were/are involved in years of abuse of children, and the police in the UK didn’t stop it. She also spoke about Daesh, which is the European term for ISIS/ISIL.  She’s against it.

Jonathon Turley:

[Professor] Silver is an example of how people who abandoned free speech values in seeking to silence or punish those with whom they disagree.  It is particularly chilling to see an academic adopt such an anti-free speech position but we have seen the same trend on U.S. campuses with academics leading the fight to curtail or prohibit speech.  

He told BBC News: “Some politicians have been using hate crime as an instrument to foster support for their political aims.”

Man, that sounds familiar. Trump and others are being accused of hate speech, though we have no such laws here. Yet. These laws will come here — and sooner rather than later.

I don’t think there will be convictions — but as we know the press and the lefties will use the phrase “Dave Alexander, who was accused of hate speech…”  We’ve seen phrases like these in the writings of Brett Kimberlin and his minion as tools to disparage others.  When NGO’s like the Southern Poverty Law Center want to smear somebody, they just add them to a list full of racists and let their cousins online cite the accusation.

I’m sure the BBC now introduces the Home Secretary as “Home Secretary Amber Rudd, whose speech on immigration was called hate speech by a prominent academic…”  

This stuff is exactly why people in the UK voted to drop out of the EU, and people in the U.S. are refusing to let the so-called elites run our lives.


The Craft Blog was contacted by a stupid person who requested equal time. This stupid request was granted.


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One Response to British Police Look into a Political Speech as Hate Speech

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    “It costs someone…”

    A) it doesn’t. They’re words, you can choose to ignore them, make fun of them, anything. Someone needs to read cyrano de bergerac.
    B) the above is an example of why we should not regulate “hate speech” as pointing out the objective truth can’t be considered hate.


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