My Second Favorite Nazi…

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Please, just call me John.

Okay.  I hate Nazis, but the Netflix  Amazon Prime Man in the High Castle, Season Two is out and I just watched it all. That’s good TV.

The setup is amazing: What if the Nazis and the Japanese Empire won World War II, and carved up America.  After a period of time which we do not see on screen, the old United States is replaced with a Japanese section, and the American Nazi Reich. Kids pledge Allegiance to Hitler in schools, and there are very few Jews.  

She actually has another eye, and it’s just as pretty.

I hate Nazis. I have to mention that.  On the other hand, this alternative history series based on the book is excellent. Oberguppenfrueregruppen John Smith (I never could even say it right, but his title is kinda long and German) tries to avoid war, even as he manipulates everybody in his life, and a few people he’s never met.

Alexa Davelos is a very watchable Juliana Crane, the heroine who bungles her way into screwing up everything she touches. Frank Frink is her ex boyfriend — who also screws up pretty much every he touches. The theoretical love interest for Juliana is back, the tortured Joe Blake.  He’s a Nazi, or Resistence supporter depending on whether Juliana is looking into his eyes. None of the three main characters in this paragraph can change a light bulb without betraying the groups they are pledged to support.

Somebody hand actor DJ Qualls a best supporting trophy as Ed McCarthy — the mDJ Qualls Pictureost
likable individual in the whole series. Second place goes to Nazi Youth member Thomas Smith, played by Quinn Lord. He reminds me of Wesley Crusher from Star Trek:TNG.

I hate Nazis. Did I mention that?

The best Nazi turns out to be a guy who risks everything to avoid war. Best Japanese ruler is the Trade Minister Tagomi — who goes on an interesting vacation in season 2.

The Nazis and Japanese overlords plot war, or try to avoid it, and everybody smokes like it’s the ’60’s. 

The bad guys are almost good guys with flaws (yes, they are still Nazis) and the good guys manage to bungle most of what they try to do.

It is a weird series with an odd premise, but worth your time.

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5 Responses to My Second Favorite Nazi…

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Thankfully, Hitler was lacking in various ways, so even with the incompetence on the part of Europe’s Elite, for them to actually take over this country they’d have not be NAZIs.


  2. Typo alert – in the paragraph starting with “Alexa Davalos” there is a rather important missing “e” at the end of a word in the first line.

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  3. monitor2112 says:

    Ummm…Netflix doesn’t show that….it’s on Amazon Prime.


  4. Russ says:

    I remember enjoying the novel a long while back, but I don’t remember enough of it for it to spoil my watching of the series so far.

    I’m enjoying it immensely – it’s a first-rate production.


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