The Left Has a Race Problem

What is it about diverse Republican families which causes the left to short-circuit?

Business Insider:

A writer for MTV News came under fire on Tuesday after joking that Sen. Jeff Sessions, the attorney general nominee, kidnapped an Asian child from a local Toys R Us to use as a prop at his Senate confirmation hearing.

“Sessions, sir, kindly return this Asian baby to the Toys ‘R’ Us you stole her from,” Ira Madison III, a cultural writer for MTV News, wrote in a now deleted tweet.

The child is Sessions’ biological granddaughter. His family had accompanied him to his confirmation hearing.


While I would ordinarily try to leave children out of a political controversy, I left this kid in…because cute!

In 2013, Melissa Harris-Perry used Mitt Romney’s grandchild as a butt of a joke in the same way.

Attention left-wing writers and pundits: Conservative white folks love their children and grandchildren. When I have grand kids, I won’t care if they’re gay, black, mixed race or liberal. Oh, maybe the liberal thing would cause a twinge. I’d get over it.

Just as long as they are not as stupid as Ira Madison III.



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2 Responses to The Left Has a Race Problem

  1. That tweet says something else negative about the idiot tweeter in that he refers to the girl as a doll, not a real human being. If she was African American I don’t think good ol’ Ira would be making cracks about returning her to Toys R Us.


  2. Gus Bailey says:

    Dave, check your mail.

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