Well, That Can’t be Good


Update, Saturday morning: Lots of rain fell, and everything is frozen. I see about 1/2 inch of snow outside.  Some people did get a bunch of snow, but lots of folks figure this was a dud forecast. It’s still snowing, but the danger is past.

My home town might get 8 inches of snow this weekend.  Every major road is covered with a salty brine, but it might wash away with a quick rainstorm tonight.

There’s not much chance of it melting away quickly, as temperatures will stay low over the next few days. In North Carolina, the snow removal plan is typically called warmer weather.  

If I drop off the map for a few days…I’ve reverted to 19th century living. 

(UPDATE: Fixed a misspelled word.)

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13 Responses to Well, That Can’t be Good

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Guessing you’re in the vast plum band that also covers my County..I guess I’ll be going to the store in a little bit to buy all the milk and bread, in accordance with this state’s laws (I’m assuming there is a law of some kind.)


    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      Is there some sort of law that says those of you that live in the snowy areas have to live on French Toast every time there is a storm?


      • onwyrdsdream says:

        The good news is if it’s cold enough to buy those things you can keep them outside in a no power pinch, but have you ever tried to grill French toast… The egg wash tend to make it melt though the grates.


      • Dr_Mike says:

        Dude, cast iron.

        Really, a yankee has to teach a southroner about cast iron? Truly a dark day for the Republic. A very dark day.

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  2. shamandin says:

    Funny, that’s the same band I’m hiding in. The kids are looking forward to possibly missing a few days next week. With the 7-10″+ that they’re calling for, there are roads in parts of the county that won’t have cleared roads until … March? April? Somewhere in there. One of these roads has a county elementary school on it. Fun.


  3. I’m in the Itty bitty bit of fuschia up in New England. My kid is sad since she was supposed to have friends over for her birthday, and said plans are having to be changed to whenever everyone’s schedule matches up again. Which might be months.


  4. The last place I lived in NC is east of Columbus near the SC border North of Spartanburg. I worked in Arden, just south of Asheville. Commuting via I-26, there’s a humongous climb out of Columbus that is nearly impossible for a southern driver on an icy day, especially without 4wd. I’m not a southern driver, but the ones sliding backward down the mountain made it a little tough for me, too.


  5. fred4d says:

    Looks like a pretty typical Mid-Atlantic snow storm so far. Rain on the coast, Icy a bit in-land and snow further in-land. I am in the snow band. Predicted to get 8 to 12 inches, hopefully towards the lower end. Snowing and Blowing hard right now.


  6. Stay safe everybody. I can’t travel because of the ice (which so far has not caused us to lose power.) Pandora music works, the coffee pot is still brewing, and we have TV. I have to work early Sunday, and it might be a struggle to get in. Temperatures are far too low for a melt. This much ice could cancel my weekday teaching work for days. In NC, we have huge county-wide school districts, and nobody opens the schools until all the ice is gone everywhere in the county — and that includes the dreaded ‘black ice’ caused by tiny amounts of moisture.

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    • fred4d says:

      Never had a snow where I live that a school bus couldn’t get through with snow tires, Of course the buses do not have snow tires and only a little snow or ice anywhere in the county closes all the schools. Wonder if they have ever done a study on the cost of snow tires and driving lessons versus the costs of snow days? Or even just paying the DOT to plow and salt school bus routes.

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      • They usually reschedule the missed school by first stripping away spring break, and if necessary, adding them to the end of the year. In rare cases, in NC we will actually have school on Saturday. It can turn into a real mess. When I was a kid, every snow day was a gift. Not so much now. I’ll actually have to take a vacation day Monday and Tuesday if things stay bad on the roads.


    • Dr_Mike says:

      Sure it has, Brett. Just put the same documentary evidence you usually use in your court filings, I’m sure the judge will totally buy it.


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