When People Use the Words ‘First Amendment’ and ‘Unfortunately’ in the Same Sentence

Chasing down examples of folks who don’t understand free speech is becoming a full-time job. This rant deserves an honorable mention: 

Hate speech is NOT free speech. Unfortunately, it is protected by the First Amendment despite the fact it’s morally, ethically and rationally wrong. It should be illegal, too, but that is a slippery slope and a topic to be debated sometime soon. We need to debate and come to a consensus the quick following:

  1. Clear definitions of free speech and hate speech. If what I said here doesn’t work, then let’s define it together.
  2. Let’s deal with that slippery slope between true freedom and social control, and none of that political or patriotic correctness nonsense.
  3. Let’s gather the evidence: what people have posted and the consequences of those posts (in some tragic cases, a suicide resulted).
  4. Get a great advocate to litigate the case in the court system, all the way to the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, the best way to combat hate speech to recognize it and shut it down.

Or, and this is just a thought, we could allow most all speech which does not incite violence, cause real harm or spread lies about an individual. Let most ideas — even those we disagree with — to have a hearing.  Then, we’ll see what ideas win the public debate.

About the author: 

Carlo Tamarit has self-published two novels (Celestial in 2007 & Miracleman: Dawn of the Age of Heroes in 2016, the second available on Amazon.com for digital download). After graduating from the University of Florida with a degree of Liberal Arts & Sciences, he spent the next several years living life, traveling, and continued to write. Carlo also writes on his blog at ctamarit.wordpress.com, addressing issues such as the bullying epidemic, divisive politics, and equality issues. An outspoken, even profane, critic of hypocrisy and bullying mentality, Carlo writes in a stream of consciousness that reveals his passion and brutally honest perspective.

There’s more to the essay, and to the bio, but to publish it here would only be pounding the rubble.



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One Response to When People Use the Words ‘First Amendment’ and ‘Unfortunately’ in the Same Sentence

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Language isn’t precise, thus there not be an absolute measure of what is and isn’t hate speech.

    Language isn’t precise, thus there can not be a law which well defined what can only be subjective determined.

    Humans do not perfectly follow law, so humans so bound would still talk privately out of the public eye, but also away from those who might change their minds.

    Humans do not perfectly interpret the law, and sometimes read it in a way that benefits themselves, so any such law would be used against merely disagreeable speech.

    In so much as “hate speech” is an attack, they’re just a means. Motive and opportunity aren’t affected by restricting that means. If someone had a powerful desire to cause me great harm, I’d rather they hit me with all the hate speech they’ve accumulated in their lives than with even one brick. It isn’t as though you can legislate hate away. You can only restrict a relief valve that also serves as a warning flag.

    I know that much of the to-do about hate speech is good intentions, but good intentions paves a road leading to where exactly?

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