Team Knucklehead Legal Bungle of the Day

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Brett Kimberlin

John Hoge’s lawsuit against Brett Kimberlin continues, and so do the harebrained arguments from the defendant.

As gmhowell points out in the comments at Hogewash!, Brett Kimberlin has once again argued for an idea while submitting evidence which disproves the accusation.
Quick history: Brett Kimberlin is a serial bomber who served time for eight randomly placed bombs in Speedway, Indiana in 1978. He’s also a serial litigant, having filed multiple lawsuits, while not actually getting good enough to win. He sues people who write about him, including Aaron Walker and John Hoge. Kimberlin has tried to accuse both Walker and Hoge of harassing Brett’s minor child. Both attempts failed as neither man has harassed anyone – though they are both serious pains in Brett’s ass. Good going guys.
John Hoge is suing Kimberlin because of the false charges.
In 2015, John was before a court defending himself against an accusation that he harassed Brett’s daughter.

A judge was very uncomfortable that a teenager had been involved at all in a discussion online. That discussion was not initiated by Hoge or Walker, but at some point John reminded the writers that Brett’s daughter was 16. It was a statement of fact only.
The court, as quoted by Brett Kimberlin in a transcript he just recently submitted to the court:


I share the judge’s concern for dragging minor children into a discussion, but this section of the document shows the judge denying a peace order — in effect stating that there’s just no evidence to suggest that John Hoge harassed the teen.

Brett Kimberlin has used the worn out tactic of combining himself, his wife and his daughter in accusations:


Which in another exhibit…we see a judge found to be not true in the case of the minor child.

Hoge has been consistently and accurately reporting on Brett Kimberlin for years. Until Kimberlin’s wife became a real factor in the story, John Hoge avoided mentioning her. Same with the teen.

Nobody harassed the kid. 

Kimberlin also has argued once again that since Aaron Walker lost a similar case against Brett last year that of course, the court should decide the same way in this case. 

Kimberlin apparently also forgot to have his wife file the document, which means he’s trying to act as her lawyer.  His dad was a lawyer, but that’s one acorn that rolled far, far from the oak tree.

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  1. In regard to your closing, it’s like a stinkweed grew from a scrub pine.

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