Gus Bailey: Colin Kaepernic is a Jackass

Well, the tallies are in.  Colin Kaepernic has made a jackass of himself for one whole regular season.  If you remember, he was protesting the killing of young black men.  The implication, by reference to Freddie Gray and Michael Brown, being that the police (white by default) are randomly, regularly and ruthlessly gunning down innocent urban youths.
As I noted a couple of months ago, he’s wasting his bully pulpit by focusing his argument on Police shooting Black men.  He needed to reach out the the young black men of inner Chicago, Baltimore and Washington DC, to try to get them to stop killing one another.  Turns out I wasn’t too far off the mark.
In a non-exhaustive analysis of the Washington Post’s aggregation of Police shooting fatalities for 2016 compared with a specialized study of all homicides in Chicago it turns out that in a country of over 318 million people only 963 Police Officers ended up shooting and killing someone. 
Yahoo searches are often quite accurate. 
While in Chicago, a city of only 2.7 million people the Citizens shot and killed 702 of each other (the Police killed 11 in Chicago).  Now without too much commentary on the WaPo data, a small sample of their data showed they missed the race of nearly 1/4 (24%); but only 18% of the overall national police shooting fatalities were positively black while 58% were definitely not black. 
Now, I’m no actuary, but that doesn’t seem like an exceptionally disproportionate rate of deaths. 
I will note, that in my sample (December, 2016) almost every decedent was armed immediately prior to his/her succumbing to high velocity lead poisoning; and yes, motor vehicles are most certainly deadly weapons.  Although, one was sadly a toy gun and one, oddly, an oar.
Once again, the “narrative” just doesn’t hold water; young black males are killing other young black males with more than eighty times the frequency the police are killing them.  It’s time for good people to call a duck a duck and stop putting up with the “fake news” the MSM has been shoveling at us for years.  Turn off your TVs, go outside, talk to your neighbors; you’ll feel better.
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One Response to Gus Bailey: Colin Kaepernic is a Jackass

  1. monitor2112 says:

    I boycotted the 49ers this season. They are usually my NFC team, while the Raiders are my AFC favorites.

    If I were the coach I would have fined him each game, starting at a $5000 fine and doubling each game thereafter.


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