I Know a Guy…

I know a guy who just left a non-paying job to focus on other activities. I’d like to send him an award.  Anybody think this would be tacky? I think “nothing says quality workmanship quite like Lucite.” The picture is a clickable link.



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4 Responses to I Know a Guy…

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    And nothing would express the true depth of feeling like leaving the default “your text here”

    Well, perhaps subtly changing it to say “you’re text hear”

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  2. Paul Krendler says:

    Back in the old days, before every store had a “signature brand” or a “private label,” there used to be products in the local grocery that were generically labeled. White bags with black lettering that just said “FLOUR” or “SUGAR” and white labeled canned goods that said simply “CORN” or “GREEN BEANS” or “TOMATO SOUP.”

    In my life, my favorite and most memorable birthday card I ever received was from my father. On the front it read “GENERIC GREETING CARD.” I cherished that card for years, and it never failed to make me laugh, even now, because on the inside, it read what every participation trophy should read:


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