Delicious Panic

Kevin Creighton at Ricochet describes the left’s reaction to Trump with the words panic and delicious.

They may have some reason to panic, though, because for the last 16 years, progressives have used culture as a weapon against their ideological enemies.

Don’t want to bake a cake because of your faith? Too bad, we’ll sue your business out of existence. Want to host a kickoff dinner for one of America’s largest trade shows? Not if we have anything to say about it, bucko. Want to be a Christian and have a cable TV show? Good luck with that.

“You will be made to care!” has been the standard attack of the Democrats in their war against traditional values, but that is changing, and quickly. 

It’s not just that the ham-handed tactics of the left have caused a backlash. The expectations which have been raised over the last few decades are being quashed — and it hurts.  

We won’t be made to care — if by caring they mean catering to the left’s every changing whim, not to mention catering their LGBTQ weddings.  If Twitter and some Rockettes can choose not to do business with some folks, maybe we can find some middle ground on the cake thing.

While it might be entertaining to imagine the panic will last, in reality it won’t. And true Americans really wish that when the dust settles that we will all be more or less on the same side.

No, liberals. You can’t have it all.

But you’ll get some things over the next few years. Forcing nuns to get birth control options for their health insurance? No.  A safety net so that we don’t have dead bodies lying in the street? We’ve been for that for years. Will gay people be safe on America’s streets? I hope so. I’ve got nothing against gay folks. I mean them no ill will. That’s true of millions of Christian, Bible toting conservative voters.


We’re smiling these days because the freight train called liberalism has not only slid off the tracks, but it has slammed into the Democratic Party pretty badly.  What might have been a 21st Century of American socialism now seems different. 

When folks are done entertaining us with delicious panic, maybe there will be room for rational thought from the left. We’ll be waiting.

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2 Responses to Delicious Panic

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    The problem with teaching your allies to scream wiplash… err, critism of everything in order to get what they want is that you are after all, only an ally, and you have some of the things they want.


  2. Techno Jinxx says:

    a more liberal than I am “friend” explained that making a christian bakery bake a wedding cake for a same sex wedding is different than forcing someone to design a dress for Mrs. Trump.
    It’s different because LGBT people are in a “protected” class, and regular people aren’t “protected” the same way because they aren’t discriminated against like LGBT people are…

    I express my disagreement with this, if there are “protected” classes of people and then regular people, then doesnt that mean that the “protected” people are now receiving special rights??
    Hmmnnn…so much for “we just want to be treated equally”.

    Of course they immediately called me a bigot for not agreeing with them.
    *eye roll*


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