The Craft Blog Corrects The Times

They could have stopped carrying water for this guy a long time ago.

The New York Times:

times obama.png

Alternate headlines:

“No, I don’t think I sliced it this badly…” says Young President 

Young President Walks Between Graves of Men Who Accomplished More in Their Lives

Impatient Young President Forced to Tour Graveyard ‘Full of Bitter Clingers…’

Fractured World Relieved that Young President Will No Longer be in Charge

“The First Lady isn’t watching anymore. I think you can smoke now…”

Promises, Hearts and Hope All Fractured by Obama

The New York Times Forgives Obama for Fecklessness, Cites Age and Inexperience

“Yes, as I said Mr. President, every man here could have kicked your ass…most of the women, too.”


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2 Responses to The Craft Blog Corrects The Times

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    a) I say this as someone over 40, In the set of presidents 47 can be considered fairly young. In the general scope of mankind, “young” is not a word you should generally choose to describe someone over 40. Isn’t that about the average lifespan of half the people who’ve ever been alive on this Earth?

    b) A fractured world.. Is there any part of it he’s touched that hasn’t become more fractured? aiding enemies and imperiling allies like a good little moral relativist. As recently as this week he was attacking the only functional democracy in a region full of oppressive totalitarian states.

    c) A hope that can be tested is properly called a theory. Many of the favored theories of his have been tested and have proved every time to be false. He’s more like an alchemist who spends his life trying to turn lead into gold, missing valuable discoveries while spending away his family’s fortune because all else is unimportant. But in this case, he has enough rich backers that he can seek out that gold his entire life… but he’s even less likely to find it than those Spanish explorers. At least they weren’t blind to other discoveries.

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  2. Dr. Dan says:

    “No, you will never be buried here. This place is for Americans…”

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