Apparently, Until Recently There Were No Racist Events Anywhere

I hate hate. Racists are idiots. My God demands I treat everyone as His creation. 

Am I the only one who questions the ‘uptick’ or ‘surge’ in racist stuff, supposedly blamed on Donald Trump’s election?

From Whitefish in the northwest to Billings in the southeast, Montana is experiencing a rise is hate-related speech and propaganda, according to Rachel Carroll Rivas, co-director of the Montana Human Rights Network. She said incidents include Nazi graffiti, language launched at people of color, anti-gay slurs, anti-Semitic and racist leafletting, and bullying of youth and teachers of color.

The increase in hate speech in Montana is tied to Donald Trump, Carroll Rivas said.

“The election of Donald Trump emboldened and validated some people’s efforts to subject others to hateful beliefs and to use intimidation to instill fear,” she said. “And there is a heightened awareness of bigotry because of the microphone and podium the president-elect has given to discriminatory and biased ideas. Both are real reasons and we don’t expect either to subside.”

These two statements are at odds. I suppose it is possible that some idiots somewhere feel emboldened. Maybe even validated, though that’s not a word your average goober might use. I really don’t think that’s widespread phenomenon.  

I agree with the second sentence, which I’ve put in italics.  Well, half of it. Has Trump has given a podium to discriminatory and based ideas? And what an odd phrase that is! A responsible person can’t say he’s said racist things.  Oh, the average Mexican living in the U.S. illegally might try to say that, but he has only been politically incorrect.  Even clumsy.

This writer needs several words to work around the idea that Trump hasn’t said stuff that’s racist, but that he has given a podium to…certain ideas. Whenever the left starts couching words in terms like “swirling with…” or “given a podium to…” you know they are hedging.

Secondly, is there a heightened awareness of bigotry? I’d say the awareness is so heightened that every little thing — including fictional or third-hand accounts — are now blamed on Trump, as they occur since the election.

FYI: Everything over the last few weeks has been ‘after the election.’  Not all have been because of the election. 

I’m pretty sure there were incidents of racism before Trump announced for president. Sadly, there will be some even after he is out of office.

I am sympathetic to those who are concerned about the country, as someone whose ideas they reject is now poised to be president.  I’ve been there.  Twice.

I’d be concerned if I thought we were headed down the road to racism.  Maybe because I can easily listen in on white guys talking that I can share some good news: Most of the talk after the election has been about jobs. Oil and coal production.  Patriotism. Some worries about Trump doing something stupid or saying outrageous things. 

If there are pockets of morons, their cousins/wives and slack-jawed kids talking about how the country now belongs to the white man, like God intended…I think those guys were around before this election.  They’re not a big part of our country.

If you are liberal, black, Hispanic, LGBTQ or all of those things…maybe you’d want to see these Trump years as a challenge.  How will you react to a different tone in Washington?

Will you seek out any incident and insist that Trump caused it? Put away you heightened awareness.  Insist on a fair and just America, but don’t expect the Klan on horseback every time you hear hoof beats.


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6 Responses to Apparently, Until Recently There Were No Racist Events Anywhere

  1. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    If there are pockets of morons, their cousins/wives and slack-jawed kids…

    Dave you just said something bad about the progressives favorite people.


  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    The author has a quite specific view of racism. If he accepted the notion that non-white people can be racist, he’d have noticed an uptick during the entire Obama administration. Anything that has really happened, not including the various fake hate crimes that have been committed when we haven’t been hateful enough, wouldn’t even add one more tick to the score. During Obama’s tenure, inviting people who are basically partisan agitators into this nation is one part, the other motivating black racism at every opportunity with comments like “If I had a son…” Not only racist, but class based violence has also been escalated, with assassinations of police officers being one of the hallmarks of his administration. And of course the Occupy Wall street crowd and everything to do with them.

    They yell and scream, but show me the money. Sure there is a lot of what seems to be smoke, but most of it is coming from democrat/media stage crew with a bucket full of dry ice and a blower. Criticism without evidence only serves to inflame, not to inform. People who are inflamed without reasoning are basically just children, no matter how old they’ve gotten.


  3. Techno Jinxx says:

    not to put too fine a point on it but…
    having been called a racist and bigot for the last 8 years, for simply disagreeing with the Obama administration, has pretty much worn out my “give a damn” ability to give a rat’s ass about “hate crimes” or the rise of said “hate crimes” since the election.
    Maybe when I see a couple that aren’t proven to be fake within days, my give a damn will start working again.


  4. rt895 says:

    Rachel Carroll Rivas has two degrees in Sociology and participates in a number of Progressive pressure groups according to her profile. This broad wouldn’t have her phony-baloney job if there wasn’t an “increase in hate speech”. She is cheerleading her donor base nothing more.

    Comments are permanently disabled at the Pasadena, CA- based website, so that is another tell….


  5. agiledog says:

    First, there is the issue of whether there actually are more incidents, or they are just being publicized more – I believe it is the latter. Second, there is the issue of whether they are real or hoaxes – more and more, these incidents are turning out to not be what the news says they are. And finally, third, there has been a reported uptick in anti-Semitic graffiti around here recently. Given the proven antisemitism of the Left (most recently displayed by the Obama administration abstaining in a UN vote condemning Israel), if there actually IS an uptick in hate crimes, it is coming from the Progressives.

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  6. crawford421 says:

    Trump makes a really, really bad figure to try to tack “antisemite” onto, what with his Jewish daughter and grandkids. Or any racism, for that matter — he bought a country club and forced the removal of the membership restrictions.


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