Why You’re Wrong About Everything

Well, maybe not you.  But somebody is.

From Bold Words:

There’s a real problem in this country and it’s the fact that everything you say, think, and feel is wrong… unless your thoughts, feelings and words echo mine. Then we’re alright.

This is what the news tells you. This is what your professors tell you. This is what a lot of families tell you. This is what a lot of friends tell you. This election season has been particularly rough because of this idea, heavily pushed by the mainstream media and the left, that if you don’t agree with what they say, then you are wrong and also some kind of villain.

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Two smiles: Crazy ex-girlfriend and Guy Fawkes.


You are some redneck, backwoods, uneducated imbecile who is also probably racist, sexist, vile, deplorable, etc etc etc etc add your own adjectives etc. This isn’t a one-reason issue either. There are a lot of things at fault for the failure of compassion, empathy, understanding, and basic conversation that have been brought to the surface over the last year.

Two excellent points in the essay: People don’t understand the difference between fact and opinion, and It is all about the ‘win.’

These two ideas explain a lot of the conflict we see now.

And tribe mentality is encouraged. It seems a majority of the loud voices don’t actually care on what is right or what is the truth, but they care about being right. In post-election, I’ve seen so many interviews, social media posts, and website articles that are all about calling the doom of the US ahead of time. There are people who legitimately want to see the US fail under president-elect Trump for the sole reason that they want to be able to laugh and say, “See? I told you so!”

Which is not the same as Limbaugh saying he wants President Obama to fail.  He wanted the lousy ideas of the Obama Administration to fail to become law.  He never wished the country to fail. Nuance.

Personally, I’m tired and saddened that I am now writing about ‘the left’ as if they’re a distinct society, and we need to study them. They are Americans, though it seems they don’t truly want to be sometimes.  

Since the election we’ve seen an explosion of irrational commentary and behavior from the losing side. This was not the case during the days after the two Obama wins. I really can’t wait to see where all that is going.  


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3 Responses to Why You’re Wrong About Everything

  1. They tell themselves they’re against Otherization, while enthusiastically practicing it.

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    • Techno Jinxx says:

      like how they proclaim loudly they are defending democracy while actively doing everything they can to subvert it.

      like the special snowflake in the video making the rounds screaming SHAME because her state electors cast their votes for the cadidate who actually won their state….as if her desire to see someone else get those votes somehow overides the tens of thousands of voters who disagreed with her.


  2. The system worked the way it was designed. Don’t like the design? Convince us to support your effort to change it. The left is bothered by Gore and Clinton losing in the electoral college, but they won’t spend the time to fix it.


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