Logic is Hard!





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3 Responses to Logic is Hard!

  1. Adriane says:

    well yes … but where in the Venn Diagram is Paul Krugman ???

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Based on my understanding of what he wanted to do, I didn’t want much if any of it to succeed. Nationalized health care, socialization of the economy, increasEd race mongering, offending our allies and comforting our enemies due to moral relativism, gun control and gun confiscations, furthering the line of what point abortion is permissible, reducing the protections of the first and second ammendments…
    Honestly I wanted him to fail on all of that. I didn’t wish him success, I wished he wasn’t really the sort of guy I imagined based on what I saw going in. And he wasn’t. He was worse than I imagined. The only good thing is he was pretty ineffective at accomplishing that much after Obamacare.

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