The Ukulele Award Goes to…

The Economist for agreeing with the Craft Blog on the subject of hate speech.  They reviewed what we discussed the other day, that politician Geert Wilders was convicted of hate speech by a Dutch court:

The Netherlands is far from the only democracy to criminalise “hate speech” that denigrates racial, religious or other groups. Such laws have widespread support, but they are misguided. Free speech is the oxygen of democracy—without it, all other political freedoms are diminished.

Here they really hit the nail on the head:

So the right to free expression should be almost absolute. Bans on child pornography and the leaking of military secrets are reasonable. So, too, are bans on the deliberate incitement of violence. But such prohibitions should be narrowly drawn.

Standing outside a mosque shouting, “Let’s kill the Muslims!” qualifies. [As an incitement to violence. — Dave] Complaining that your country has admitted too many migrants of a particular nationality does not.

I’ve said it before: I hate hate.  I hate censorship more. Can we please stop the drumbeat for additional government control over speech? 

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