Stop Blaming Russia for Your Failures

From the blog Sometimes Philosophy:

A British politician, Ben Bradshaw MP, of the Labour Party has spouted some utter nonsense. He has claimed Russia “probably” interfered with the EU referendum early this year. Not only does he make this claim but also admits that there is no evidence for it in the following sentence. If you hold this view privately, fine, but to say it in a Parliamentary debate which is broadcast worldwide is irresponsible.

Much of the next few paragraphs are about European claims of Russian meddling.  Then this about the U.S. election:

The CIA didn’t say that Russia altered the results or anything to that scale. Just that stolen emails swayed the election. This is unlikely, the one even that really shifted the election was Clinton not bothering to visit Pennsylvania, Michigan, and other swing states. Another reason was the Comey letter being released October 28th that said he was re-opening the investigation into Clinton’s email server. The polls showed a massive dip for Clinton the day after this.

The emails revealed some shocking things about Clinton and her aides. Common knowledge within the emails was that Clinton had public and private positions. Now this is no surprise for a politician but it shook voters opinion of her. Most people watch and read very little politics news throughout a day so if you hear something like “Clinton has public and private position” it raises questions. There were many other revelations that could have altered public opinion against Clinton.

I have no doubt that Russia would like to affect U.S. and European politics. Since these systems rely on votes of citizens, and sometimes non-citizens, dead people and such…I doubt Russia can have much influence. Of course the DNC and Hillary hacking scandals are important, as are the previous Chinese and Russian hacks into systems of the U.S. government.  

On the other hand, Hillary lost.  Brexit won.  Condescension toward the unwashed masses lost. Conservative (using the U.S. term) leaning politicians are winning all over the globe.  Progressives are losing.  The vision of a ‘one world government’ is losing.  The idea that people effectively rule themselves within nations is winning. The notion that the PM of the UK needs to put the UK first, or that the president of the Unites States should support the U.S. first…that idea is clearly a winning proposition in 2016.

By the way, Slate decided early on that Putin wanted Trump to be elected, so they wrote an article about it and needed a picture.  Not finding a photograph which was suited to their purpose, they combined pictures:



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