Mass. Churches Drop Case Over Bathroom Law

Daily Caller:

Four churches dropped their lawsuit against Massachusetts after the state clarified its transgender law would only apply to them in limited cases.

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a lawsuit in October alleging the state’s anti-discrimination law for transgenders would infringe on churches’ religious freedoms, reports Mass Live.

Now, the group announced Monday it dropped the lawsuit against Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey and the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination after receiving a letter from the AG’s office.

Five stars bathroom

“It’s the best we have Jenni.”

The attorney general’s office sent a letter to the ADF last month explaining that it removed “house of worship” as an example of a public place. Healey noted, though, if a church hosts a “public, secular function,” then it will be considered a public place.

Spaghetti suppers, for instance might be a public secular event, as as such transgender folks would be able to match their bathroom with their clothing. 

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One Response to Mass. Churches Drop Case Over Bathroom Law

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Normally having a bathroom at all should be considered optional. You aren’t paying them for a place to pee, even though they could charge you, as is evidenced by South of the Border. Even if you only wanted to have them available for only one sex, or your required people to wear ties to enter, it shouldn’t really be the state’s business. Generally I’m not against accommodating people with special needs, but it seems the meaning of “special needs” is now scoped to personal inclinations, and I’m starting to harden my heart against government poking it’s nose into that line of business. I’d like the people who’ve decided to broaden special needs to include “I’m special needs” to stop before I feel the need to advocate that everything should be left to the business’s inclinations. All accommodation is a burden after all, because there are no gains without losses.

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