There Shall be No Civics in Civics Class!

From Wintery Knight, comes an example of Shutuppery in a Canadian school:

The 44-year-old teacher, who has asked that he not be identified to protect what’s left of his career, was teaching “the criminal law unit, a lesson on vice, ethics, morality and the law” to his small class in the Vancouver-area school in late November.“I was working my way through examples of how some people’s sense of personal ethics was more liberal than the letter of the law,” he said in an email.

For example, he told them, many people might roll through a stop sign on a deserted country road, deeming it morally acceptable, even if unlawful.

In other words, he said, in a pluralistic democracy, there’s often “a difference between people’s private morality and the law.

“I find abortion to be wrong,” he said, as another illustration of this gap, “but the law is often different from our personal opinions.”

That was it, the teacher said. “It was just a quick exemplar, nothing more. And we moved on.”

Well. some people moved on.  One student couldn’t move on after the emotional ‘triggering.’ And eventually, the teacher did move on, as in was fired.

The rest of the story was interesting, but you can read it at the link.

 In these troubled times, there are very few safe statements about some topics.  While we must fight for the right to speak freely, in school the deck is stacked against the teacher who weaves outside the liberal lines.  Professor Mike Adams was able to sue his university for the right to be both successful as a professor, and a conservative. Not everybody wins these kinds of cases.

By the way, the frequency with which you become ‘triggered,’ is a function of your own fragility, not a measure of the meanness of others. — Dave Alexander, Humorist, Teacher and Presidential Historian



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3 Responses to There Shall be No Civics in Civics Class!

  1. Clyde says:

    Bad link. Try

    Makes me glad I never had to deal with SJWs in my career.


  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    If I was going to dismiss someone in that situation, it’d be the student. That action was extremely disrespectful and doesn’t reflect the mindset of someone who is willing to learn. Plus, if you fire the teacher on the basis of speech, any student with a bone to pick with a teacher has the opportunity to get them fired. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard a political opinion of a teacher either in class or in the choice of texts.


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