You Cannot Not Offend Some Folks

Sam Hooper of Semi-Partisan Politics takes apart the complex, but ironic tale of the University of Maryland president who wanted to make sure illegal immigrant students felt safe, and accidentally offended them.  He quotes Campus Reform, then examines the idiocy of the victimhood culture:

His repetition of the same statement in Spanish, however, raised eyebrows among some members of the crowd, even though he had employed a similar tactic in a campus-wide email last month in which he first outlined UMD’s intent to resist federal immigration enforcement efforts.

Student Senator Ashley Vasquez, for instance, complained that Spanish “does not represent the entire immigrant community here” during a post-speech Q&A, asking Loh if he would like to apologize for repeating his promise in Spanish.

Vasquez later told The Diamondback that she found Loh’s use of Spanish offensive because it implied that the only immigrants on campus are “Latinx.”

This is brilliant on so many levels.

Firstly, why make the comment in Spanish at all? Is anybody studying at the University of Maryland incapable of speaking English? (Hint: No) Is this part of a policy of general bilingual communications, signs, written and verbal instructions at the university? (Hint: No again). The only reason for President Wallace Loh to make such a gesture is that it affords him a quick and easy way to signal his own virtue, his acceptance of absolutely all kinds of immigration, legal and illegal, moral and immoral.

Wallace Loh learned Spanish in his native Peru.  He objected to their objection of his use of Spanish, and by now they’re all trying to signal their greater virtue and victimhood.

In the current culture of sensitivity about appearances, it is better to stay silent. Not that I’d choose that path, but I don’t work in a university environment, surrounded by quasi-victims.

FYI: If you are a college student at the University of Maryland, you are unlikely to be deported, abused or mistreated because of your culture or immigration status.  Even in Trump’s America, you are way down on somebody’s list. I’d lobby to make sure you’re never on the list.

You live a more comfortable life than most other Americans, eat better and have a nice place to sleep.  You are essentially at camp, but with books and classes.  If the university president speaks Spanish to you, then you call him insensitive, and nobody calls you an idiot…  Well, you live in a bubble.

If you act like that and nobody openly mocks you to your face, then your experience is unique.  Act that way at your first job when the Peruvian-born CEO speaks Spanish to you, and I hope they hand you a box and security watches you clean out your desk. 


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