Headline of the Day

Do Trump’s Cabinet picks want to run the government — or dismantle it? – Washington Post

Either way, I’m up for a change. — Dave

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6 Responses to Headline of the Day

  1. Grace says:

    Of course they’re going to run it. Trump has been elected, and his cabinet has been/will be appointed… just exactly the same way electing BHO worked, and every single election/administration prior. *eyeroll*

    Asking such stupid questions is so ridiculously typical of the “Pravda on the Potomac,” – and, such stupid questions serve solely to entertain/scare their readership of non-thinking, kool-aid-guzzling mouthbreathers.

    Now… as far as dismantling? Meh. IMO, that pretty much goes hand-in-hand with electing a new POTUS, and the new POTUS installing a new cabinet. Again… another pretty stupid question. But, as far as I’m concerned… if dismantling doesn’t come with a heaping helping of reducing the size, scope, and overreach of this unhinged, behemoth Federal government… then continuing to circle the drain we will. *smh*

    Is the Trump administration going to be the administration to do it? We shall see… actions speak louder than words.


  2. Gus Bailey says:

    Leftist thinking in a nutshell. Government good. Bigger government better. All imposing, all controlling, Omnipresent government best.

    Wait, wut? We can’t print what WE want to print? Ahhh!


    • I see no plan for dismantling, and no plan to make a plan. I remember when slowing the growth was ‘slashing’ and ‘gutting.’ Mr. Trump, find somebody who is an expert on the Reagan years.


      • gmhowell says:

        This kind of fear mongering story should move some paper. Remember the audience of BezosBlog is largely government employees, government contractors, and those related to and/or dependent on them.

        And Reagan didn’t shrink the government at all. Heck, there are two or three unions that sprang from the remains of PATCO.


      • onwyrdsdream says:

        For the left, the government isn’t the same thing you and me think of as the government. It’s only the programs they like, which either use force to keep people from doing things they don’t like, or give money to groups they like. They talk a good game about infrastructure, but let’s be serious. If only liberals controlled budgeting, the infrastructure wouldn’t even get a dime. Roads? Bridges? Pah. Never. Billion dollar rainbow LGBTBBQ Taj Mahal? They’d build four of them.


      • gmhowell says:

        Now, now, they would build plenty of billion dollar trains that nobody wants.


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