First Clerks, then Bakers, Now Film Makers

Preachers are next.

Star Tribune:

A husband-and-wife duo who started their own filmmaking company in St. Cloud, Minnesota, have filed a lawsuit against Minnesota’s attorney general and commissioner of human rights stating that their constitutional rights are being violated. The human rights commission enforces a state act that demands all businesses who do weddings to provide services for same-sex “weddings.”

To be fair, they actually have not been forced to film a gay wedding but the law says they must.  

The Larsens say they don’t mind working with anyone regardless of their Ballroombackground or lifestyle, but when it comes to the content they produce, it’s their right not to create something that promotes a message they don’t agree with, including content that’s racist, speaks positively about abortion, or is misogynistic.

There are actually religious people who extend their faith so far into their actual lives that you can tell they are religious.  Whole groups of Amish, Muslims, Orthodox Jews…and others.  Their religious objections are respected to a point.

Where do we draw the line?  I know not to ask the Muslim lady in my office to get the plate of ham and sausage out of the company fridge for the party.  I don’t expect Amish folks to hop in the truck with me to get a load of lumber.  I wouldn’t expect the Muslim lady in accounting to take off the head scarf for the office Christmas card. 

We’re not talking about denying service, in part because other videographers will step up.  These are not public accommodations like restaurants and hotels.

I do think preachers are on the list, if not next.  It will become ‘hate speech’ to preach against same-sex weddings, and the state will insist upon full compliance with the mandate for same sex weddings.  

Sounds crazy? You been paying attention?  Bruce Jenner is a girl, Trump is president elect, and Bill Cosby is…well, he’s not America’s Dad anymore. 2017 will be a lot crazier than this year.  Count on it.

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8 Responses to First Clerks, then Bakers, Now Film Makers

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Why would you entrust your wedding video to someone you press-ganged into producing it? That’s the dumbest thing yet. Enh, the cake lasts an hour or two; the video (and/or photographs) are the permanent archive of the event(s). Do they actually think creativity can be compelled? If so, then they’re dumber than they look.


  2. Paul Krendler says:

    3000% markup for asking me to violate my religious principles.
    The markup doubles every time you attempt to negotiate it.
    No refunds for any reason, including and especially, “Oops! Left the lens cap on!”
    Payment in full when the contract is signed.

    Lots of good, fine photographers out there who will be happy to shoot your wedding at a very reasonable price.

    This is not a hard problem to solve.

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  3. onwyrdsdream says:

    Even with public accommodations, there should be scrutiny. When you give the law the power to say you must serve John, you also give them the power to say you must not serve Paul. Laws that require service are cut from the same cloth as Jim Crow, to point out an oft used example.


  4. agiledog says:

    As easy as it is to assume that preachers will be on that list soon, you forget that means they will run afoul of all those Muslim imans, who also preach against homosexuality, not just same-sex marriage. This is evident in the recent attack on the Fixer Upper couple, the Gaines. Buzzfeed (and others) went after them, because they are Christians, who never seem to have same-sex couples as clients. The attack was centered on the fact that their pastor is against it (duh – he is a Chrisitian – it is doctrine), not on any comments the couple have ever made. People were quick to ask when Buzzfeed and others where going to question Keith Ellison’s iman about his beliefs.

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  5. Your assumption is that there will be equity between Muslim and Christian scenarios. I have no prior evidence to support that position.


    • Gus Bailey says:

      Then there will be revolution.
      Sorry, but true.
      Not necessarily 2nd Amendment based but perhaps Article V. (p.s. A5 is State based).


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