Teacher Retires After Comparing Trump to Hitler

UPDATE: Another case below this post.  Mixed feelings all around.

From KQED:

After teaching history and special education at Mountain View High School for 40 years, Frank Navarro can barely get the words out of his mouth. They came haltingly, in fits and starts.

“I will not be coming back, and it’s very hard for me to say that,” Navarro said. “I love this job. I mean, I feel like I can learn something from it every day.”

Navarro said he’s retiring in June because the Mountain View Los Altos High School District showed him little respect by putting him on paid leave on Nov. 10 to investigate a complaint about his world history lesson comparing Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.
Frank Navarro has taught history and special education at Mountain View High School for 40 years.

Navarro said it all started about three weeks before the Nov. 8 election when he gave a historical lesson on Hitler’s rise to power in Germany from 1930 to 1933 and compared it to Donald Trump’s platform.

“Adolf Hitler said he’d make Germany great again. Donald Trump said he’s going to make America great again,” Navarro said. “Hitler focused on the Jews as the great peril of Germany, and Trump focused on the Muslims and talk about a registry and keeping Muslims out of the country.”

He seems like a decent enough guy, but the comparison only fits if you believe in the worst of Trump, and America.  He won’t be the new Hitler, and we’d never let him try.

The Cumberland County Board of Education spent nearly nine hours behind closed doors, listening to Lee Francis’ appeal.

It included more than a dozen witnesses, and when it was over, the board decided that Superintendent Dr. Frank Till was right, and Francis was wrong.

“My heart is broken, teaching is my life and love,” Francis said.

Allen Rogers, Francis’ attorney said he “definitely” didn’t intend to drop the case.

“I think there is a window of opportunity to appeal to Superior Court, and I certainly anticipate that we will be in Superior Court,” Rogers said.

Frances was kicked out of his history class at Massey Hill Classical High School after a student snapped a photo of the teacher standing on a U.S. flag during a lecture on free speech.

The writer seems to forget that this was not “his” history class.  The people of Cumberland County, home to the largest military and retired military population you’ll find nearly anywhere…those people were paying his salary.  You do not have unlimited rights within the classroom.  

We elect the boards of education around here.

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3 Responses to Teacher Retires After Comparing Trump to Hitler

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    Well, I gave KQED a hit.
    First, never trust local reporting; they probably couldn’t quote Santa Claus correctly. “Ho’ Ho’ Ho'” (isn’t that misogynist?)
    I was ready to read that the history teacher was making a comparison; and it seemed that he was, until the end of the piece, where we got this paraphrase:
    “…Navarro said these are perilous times for teachers in the classroom…”
    Engh. Quoting the piece, not Navarro; but it seemed to be in reflection to Trump’s election.

    Now, I will grant that Trump is no 1st Amendment champion, but that little tidbit seemed too much a partisan slam for me to believe that his lesson was a pure compare and contrast as much as a compare and equate. The shame is the overall story was still spun as an attack on history and purely partisan in nature.

    Dog bites man.


  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Hitler wrote a book, Trump wrote a book. Hitler’s book pretty much made everyone know what he wanted to do. Trump’s also. Only, they’re entirely different things. You can compare almost any populist’s rise to Hitler, including Obama. It is just how populists rise.

    Bonnie and Clide went into a bunch of banks. Incidentally, so have I. And yet… Starting on the same road doesn’t mean you’re going to the same place. In this case, the destination could hardly be more different.

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  3. Alexander’s Law of Dissimilarities: Just because something reminds you of a past event, that doesn’t mean the situations are actually similar.

    As described in this 2012 post on the early Craft blog. (We were in black and white back then.)

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