I asked the other day if anybody knew a good way to disarm a man with a knife.  It wasn’t really a rhetorical question.  As it turns out, the Ohio State University attack ended as many of these things do.

A good person showed up with a gun.  In this case, he used it.

Counterjihadreport quoted this article, and found the graphic:


Actually the kid just took apart a clock. He didn’t build that clock.


Aaron Cohen, a former Israeli special forces soldier, is an American counter-terrorism consultant who has trained U.S. military, police, and SWAT teams in confronting such threats.

He says Alan Horujko, the Ohio State University cop who shot and killed a knife-wielding man on Monday, used Israeli-based tactics to “neutralize” the threat. Cohen spoke with the Sun about the method, which he has been teaching for years, on Tuesday.

Q: What is unique about these tactics?

A: The tactics he used involved a very Israeli-centric type of response. He initiated a single-officer response, which is rare for U.S. law enforcement. Patrol will typically wait for two, three more officers to show up before making entry into such a situation. The Israeli model doesn’t allow for that. There is no time. He was able to get directly to the threat via sprinting. The philosophy is: For every second you waste, another innocent person is killed. They engage using a point-shooting method, just focusing on the front end of the weapon. In short distances, where terrorism occurs in crowded areas, it allows you to get on target very quickly. Then there is the neutralizing head-shot to keep the threat’s hands from moving. This officer still fired three, four shots to the body, but if the attacker is still a threat, we sprint up to the threat to fire a shot into the head.

[Imagine the hysterical response if a police officer shot a wounded suspect in the head while the suspect lay on the ground.– Dave]

I had a conversation with a family member yesterday about this.  We discussed her obligations in a situation like Ohio State. A wise kid.  She said she’d run in the other direction. Correct answer.

She also knows that others, like Officer Horujko and many other people would run the other way, toward the danger.  

I don’t know what I’d do, because I have not been in this kind of situation. I pray I do the right thing.  In the meantime, the right thing to do is be ready.  

This involves supporting police and first responders in developing and applying tactics described in the article.   It involves a change in attitudes toward defending innocent people.  It involves recognizing that there is a continuing threat. 

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  1. The head shot is to prevent the perp from detonating a vest, primarily.

    It has the secondary benefit of preventing long public trials of terrorists caught in the act.

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  2. A US cop delivering a head shot to a downed (probably minority) active shooter. Now THAT could cause some folks to lose their minds.


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