A Sexually Predaceous Christmas Song

The “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights” of Christmas Songs reviewed by Anthony Baker, a pastor who is just getting around to reviewing music of the 1940’s.

The Recovering Legalist

 “No!” Means “NO!”

A Winter Romance album coverI don’t know about you, but “Baby It’s Cold Outside” absolutely disgusts me. Every time I hear it sung on the radio (usually by Dean Martin), primarily during the Christmas season, it makes my blood boil! But what happens when I complain? Nothing. It’s “just an innocent song,” they say.

It’s just a “cat and mouse” thing, they say.

But seriously, would you just consider the lyrics? Have we not progressed to the point in society where we recognize red flags when we see them? Or, are we still in the age when it’s perfectly acceptable to coerce a woman, to interpret her “no” as a “yes”?

Is it acceptable these days to care nothing about a girl’s feelings and reputation all because your pride might get hurt if she says no to your advances? Well, that’s all “Baby It’s Cold Outside” is: an aroused sexual predator…

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5 Responses to A Sexually Predaceous Christmas Song

  1. Well, he’s not exactly wrong. He’s also not alone; I’ve seen the song described this way elsewhere, and there’s a brilliant Key&Peele version that plays up the creep factor inherent in the song.


  2. Gus Bailey says:

    Gotta disagree with AJ on this one. It’s a matter of perspective.

    We live in a time of great social cognitive dissonance. On the one hand, our ‘betters’ would like us to side with the preacher and condemn a nearly fifty year old song for it’s ‘backwardness’. On the other hand these same betters ask us to appreciate cultural differences in the lyrics of certain Hip-Hop ‘artists’ even though they are regular exemplars of the definition of misogyny.

    As for me, I’ll turn off Dr. Dre, Eminem and their ilk for a soothing crooner anytime.

    And in counter to Key & Peele, I submit Jimmy Fallon:

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