Either Way, It’s a Crisis

If I told you that there were increasing ‘hate speech’ prosecutions in a specific location, you might be concerned. Maybe because you’ assume more prosecutions mean more hate, and hate is bad.  A few days back I reported that Austria has more hate speech prosecutions because a single prosecutor is being more aggressive in seeking convictions for speech.  

Now, what if I told you there are very few hate prosecutions somewhere else.  Good, right?  Not really, according to this article:

Only three hate speech charges have been laid in Ontario in the last five years. But as Christina Stevens reports, one expert says the rise in hate speech cannot be ignored.

Ontario has experienced a number of crimes motivated by hate in recent weeks, including spray-painted swastikas and pro-white signs posted in neighbourhoods.

These events have sparked a backlash too, with anti-racism signs posted in response and the store front of a nationalist newspaper graffitied.

So an increase in prosecutions is reason to be concerned.  Very few prosecutions are a reason to be concerned.

Was anybody concerned that the nationalist newspaper headquarters was painted with graffiti?  (I gather nationalist is now code for racist, and indeed it might be a racist newspaper.)

In Ontario, only three such charges have been given consent in the last five years.


[There are 13.6 million people in Canada’s Ontario province.  — Dave]

Another 14 similar charges, not requiring special approval, have been laid over the same period of time.

Out of all 17 charges, there has been one conviction, one is going to trial, and the rest have been dismissed by the court or withdrawn.


A regular crime wave.

I’m having a hard time getting actually worried about hate speech.  Hate speech prosecutions? They worry me.

Please note: I hate hate.  Hateful speech, too.  The one thing I hate more is censorship. These hate speech prosecutions are going on all over the world, but without any violent intent, I don’t think speech should be limited.  

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1 Response to Either Way, It’s a Crisis

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Because nazi is formed out of National-Socialist German Workers’ Party, if the left acknowledged them being evil, they had to figure out what part made them so. They like workers (in a socialist context) and of course socialists. Nothing wrong with the generic party, and Germans don’t seem to be inherently evil, so all that is left is national. When the USSR was influential, they were international socialists, so the left assumes nationalists are evil… and because NAZI evil came from nationalism in their thesis, and NAZIs were racists, it became that nationalists were assumed to be racists by them. Nationalism can be evil if the nation is evil, but it isn’t evil when the nation is not.. at least, when it is nationalism for the nation that exists.

    Though that said, most nations are founded around races, and few are founded around ideas. Ours is a prime example of a nation that you can be a nationalist about without the implication of racism, except perhaps for the critical theory subset of the progressives, which consider corn flakes deeply racist.

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