Your Honor, I Plead Imbecility

A few month ago, I wrote about a defendant in a case for stating plainly in a court document something like “Ferguson can’t quite understand…”

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Team Kimberlin, Acme Law

I called it a plea of imbecility.  

There has been a similar claim of ignorance of courthouse vocabulary by another pro se defendant in a suit filed by John Hoge.  Details here.

Despite suing several people, defending himself — and sometimes not defending himself — from nine Peace/Restraining Orders, this defendant has apparently decided that not only is ignorance bliss, but ignorance of legal terminology is a good defense.

It isn’t.  

Please, please.  If John Hoge is suing you, get a lawyer.  

Alternatively, fight it yourself, but plan on having to add to your existing skill set. Learn the law.  Try to avoid insulting people in your motions.   Pay attention to due dates.  Look for misspelled words in your text. 

Set aside money for airfare. Learn copyright and contract law.  

Stay the hell off Twitter, especially as it concerns your opposing litigant’s family. Understand that “his friends started it…” is rarely a good excuse in court. 

Remember that losing a suit you started might not be a big thing. Losing a suit which Hoge started might mean you pay money.  To Hoge.  Man, that’s gonna hurt.

If you’ve sued people just to make their lives difficult, then dropped the suits more than 6 times, yes.  That is a hobby.  Unless it is an obsession.  Judge’s choice.

Claiming that you have  other interests “that do not include interfering in the lives of others by filing frivolous lawsuits…” actually is not a good argument.  It merely states that you have other interests perhaps in addition to suing people.  

Remember that disabled people are frequently unable to do certain life activities. Claiming disability  with no marked loss in ability is actually bad form.   

Whatever you do, don’t just stand around acting stupid.  Oh, people will believe it, but judges won’t care.



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11 Responses to Your Honor, I Plead Imbecility

  1. wpdavidd says:

    He’s not acting.

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  2. John “Minemyown” Doe says:

    You forgot to add “never write and serve legal motions while apparently drunk, before reviewing them when sober.

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  3. gmking222 says:

    Most excellent observations, Mr. Alexander. A smart individual would do well to heed your wise words. I won’t be holding my breath.

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  4. Remember that disabled people are frequently unable to do certain life activities. Claiming disability with no marked loss in ability is actually bad form.

    This. Even though Mr. Bill is sooo severely handicapped that he has to mention it in nearly every damn legal filing, he doesn’t need a parking hang tag, and for that matter drives himself places now. The improvement in his progressive neurological condition since he moved to WI is positively miraculous.

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  5. BusPassOffice says:

    I still want to know what the black letter law on “affadavits” and on informal motions, is

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  6. one handle and stick to it says:

    Billy’s a typical smug lib. He won’t believe anything can really happen to him…right up until the moment the repo men are carting the fat fart’s vroom-vroom away…

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