Free Speech is Like a Game of Jenga

You might think that hate speech, angry words and the other guy’s stupid opinions are the  bottom of the pile, but it’s all or nothing.

You don’t get to pull out the bottom pieces and figure it has no effect on the rest.

You don’t like mean Tweets?  Hate ‘fake news’ and think there ought to be a law against it all?

Suffragette marches, civil rights protests, the anti-war protests of the ’60’s.

These were somebody else’s version of hate speech.  Other people would have silenced Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King,  Susan B. Anthony and Malcolm X.

Most of civilization’s great societal shifts could have been snuffed out, if speech had been stifled at the right time. Be grateful for what we have.

We take the incorrect, the hateful and the stupid, as the price we pay for liberty.

Democracy and the modern world exists in its beauty and variety because we can speak freely. So, you want to enforce an anti-hate law?  You knock down the entire tower.




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One Response to Free Speech is Like a Game of Jenga

  1. Grace says:

    Perfectly stated, Dave.


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