Headlines and Reality

Hate speech cases soar in Austria

That was the headline online in the Local at, which seems to be an English language Austrian paper.  Since I hate hate speech — and hate censorship even more, I read the headline with concern.  Wow.  Hate speech cases are soaring in Austria.  Maybe there are waves of pro-Nazi things going on there.  That would worry me.

As of November 1st 2016, prosecutors were investigating 540 cases of hate speech or incitement. Last year there were a total of 513 cases. Experts predict around 640 cases by the end of the year.

[There are 80.62 million people in Germany and perhaps 640 race crimes which will lead to a prosecution. — Dave]

The increase is partly due to the fact that Austria’s justice system is trying to establish a uniform standard across all nine states for prosecuting such cases. Previously, Vienna had the lowest number of cases of hate speech and Neo-Nazi crimes that were brought to court, whilst Innsbruck, Klagenfurt and Graz had much higher rates.

However, this year the number of cases shot up in Vienna, after the state prosecutor demanded that more reported incidents of hate speech be brought to justice. Cases against people who have committed hate speech or Neo-Nazi crimes are now heard on an almost weekly case in the capital. So far this year, 16 people in Vienna have received prison sentences for such crimes. 

I hate Nazis.  Neo-Nazis too. Austria and Germany have special laws which restrict Nazi activity, as a way to prevent a resurgence of the racism of Hitler’s Germany.  We can debate whether this works or not, but we can’t really question this fact:

The soaring numbers of prosecutions has a lot to do with a single prosecutor increasing enforcement.  

Frankly, I’d be a bit concerned about Germany’s historic racism, too.  I’d be equally concerned about immigrant crime.  My link is to a Breitbart article, but quotes a government report.  I assume the government report isn’t alt-right, right?



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3 Responses to Headlines and Reality

  1. one handle and stick to it says:

    Spot on. Unless and until the governments crack down on immigrant crime,
    they will reap the whirlwind of increasing so-called “hate speech.”


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