What Does Leftist Fear Taste Like?


Kurt Schlichter knows: (h/t Ace)

It’s important to understand why liberals are so angry and so scared. They are angry because they believe they have a moral right to command us, apparently bestowed by Gaia or #Science or having gone to Yale, and we are irredeemably deplorable for not submitting to their benevolent dictatorship.

They are scared because they fear we will wage the same kind of campaign of petty (and not so petty) oppression, intimidation, and bullying that they intended to wage upon us.

And their fear tastes like sunshine puked up by a unicorn.

The whole this is great.

The last sentence here made me think for a bit.

I was considering being magnanimous in our total victory, but that lasted until a bunch of loving, tolerant, peaceful anti-Trump demonstrators jumped my friend and hurt his dog. So now, their pain is my sugar, and I say let’s spend the next four years having our coffee Sudden Impact-style.


7 thoughts on “What Does Leftist Fear Taste Like?

  1. Grace

    “And their fear tastes like sunshine puked up by a unicorn.”


    Oh. And, I read that crap about what those goons did to that blogger and his poor dog.

    Every. Last. One! of those feral, rabid animals deserve to be put down. 😡



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