ISIS Recruits are Better Educated Than Peers

Nothing we’ve been told by leaders about ISIS is true.

Gatestone Institute:

Poverty and deprivation are not, as John Kerry said, “the root cause of terrorism.” Studying the profiles of 331 recruits from an Islamic State database, the World Bank found that 69% have at least a high school education, while a quarter of them graduated from college. The vast majority of these terrorists had a job or profession before joining the Islamist organization. “The proportions of administrators but also of suicide fighters increase with education,” according to the World Bank report. “Moreover, those offering to become suicide bombers ranked on average in the more educated group.”

Less than 2% of the terrorists are illiterate. The study also points to the countries that supply ISIS with more recruits: Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and Egypt. Examining the economic situation of these countries, researchers have discovered that “the richer the countries are the more likely will provide foreign recruits to the terrorist group.”

Also, and I know this comes as a surprise…ISIS recruits are actually quite Muslim.  

One out of every one ISIS suicide bombers is a Muslim, according to statistics I just made up.

Four out of every 4 recruits prays more than once a day, and many join mosques — which are kind of like synagogues, except for non-Jews.  Also, 100% of successful suicide bombers die i n their first year with the group, according to the ISIS OSHA.

I can make up more reasonable facts that the American left can.

The truth probably is this: Some Muslims want to destroy the West, because it conflicts with their worldview.  All the rest of it is a smoke screen.  The West, being naive, thinks that if we could only bring them to us, show them our peaceful ways, and show kindness, they would just be changed.

That is the strategy of an abused wife.  And it will not work on these characters.

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One Response to ISIS Recruits are Better Educated Than Peers

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    “the richer the countries are the more likely will provide foreign recruits to the terrorist group.”

    This is hardly surprising. A dirt farmer in a village of 300 isn’t going to care about much outside of his village, maybe not much outside of his house. You need free time to get worked up about geopolitical issues. When you are worried about eating and spend every waking moment securing that next bit of bread, you’re not going to worry about the cia, global warming, or any of that.. and your needs will be such that the local church, schools, etc also will be locally focused.

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