Random Hate Crime Against Transgender Woman Actually Wasn’t So Random

A transgender woman — and I have lost track really what that means — reported a violent, random assault upon her this week in Charlotte.  Investigators found the alleged perpetrators, and I hope they are punished to the max.  They cut the individual, who occasionally goes by the name Ralayzia:Image result for hairy legs


Detectives conducted an additional interview with Ralayzia and said she admitted that the assault was not a random act of violence. They also determined that Ralayzia had sexually assaulted the the 15-year-old before the attack.  

I’m not condoning violence of any kind.  I’m not justifying violence of any kind.  <– Very important!

I am just pointing out that Ralayzia has now been arrested in a sexual assault on a 15-year old.  

I won’t speculate on the circumstances except to say that everybody is innocent until proven guilty, though it is probably pretty rare for police to arrest everybody involved in a single case.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Lt. Tom Barry stopped short of saying that the sexual assault may have triggered the hatchet attack hours later.

“There’s information that leads us to believe that there’s potential drug activity involved, we’re still putting those details together,” Barry said.

She is charged with one count of statutory sex offense and one count of indecent liberties with a child. Ralayzia was arrested Thursday night in Cincinnati, Ohio where she was staying with relatives.

This is in the very state which has been considered unfriendly to transgender folk because they need to use the bathroom matching their birth gender.  

Remember — you should be especially skeptical of cries of ‘hate crimes.’  Too many turn out to be something else, altogether.


“Too many turn out to be something else.”


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3 Responses to Random Hate Crime Against Transgender Woman Actually Wasn’t So Random

  1. Um, I thought they were required to use the rest room matching their actual genitals, so the post-op crew were free to use the ‘proper’ one.


    • Nope. It’s birth certificate. In NC, you can’t get your birth certificate changed, but in other states it is possible to make the switch. Honestly, if somebody goes to all the pain and surgery to switch teams, I think they should use the john that matches their new appearance. But I would NOT have written HB2 the way the legislature did. They fell for a Democratic Party trap.

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