Quote of the Day

“If a group of atheists wants to stop by and thank us, that’s OK, too.”  

Linn County (Iowa)  Sheriff Brian Gardner, whose officers were invited to appear at a prayer event outside police and sheriff’s department headquarters.  An atheist group opposed the partipation of officers in the event, in which the community would pray for the officer’s safety and wisdom. Link

Rev. Pat Fish, pastor at Holy Redeemer Lutheran Church, in Cedar Rapids, said he and other pastors hatched the idea as a way to come together as a community after the Nov. 1 Cedar Rapids officer-involved shooting of Jerime “Danky” Mitchell, now paralyzed, and the fatal shootings earlier this month of two police officers in the Des Moines area.


Don’t even pretend that the right to worship in the public square is not under attack.  

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3 Responses to Quote of the Day

  1. Dr_Mike says:

    Long answer: If you are truly an athiest, it should not matter which imaginary god these idiots worship. Flying Spaghetti Monster vs Flying Elbow Mac Monster shouldn’t matter (much, that is, the Elbow Mac Monster has horrible taste in cheese…)

    Short answer: You’ve just moved out of “freedom of religion” and into “freedom from religion.” Kindly step over there and go f*ck yourself.

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Freedom of religion doesn’t include the right to tell others that they can’t worship, or that they must. Do these atheists feel compelled to worship whenever they see a cross? Because I’m pretty sure that isn’t how atheism works. If they don’t, there is no compulsion from the side of religion, but they want to be the compelling side themselves, which makes their freedom of religion argument ridiculous. The instance they have any ground is only when money is involved– but the state sponsors various events and ceremonies. It doesn’t make an Easter parade any more wrong or right than a thanksgiving or independence day parade. As for officers going to a prayer event, if they aren’t going to be fired for not attending, how is it even relevant to the complainants?

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  3. They were also NOT being paid for attending. One police chief or sheriff was quoted as saying the police who attended would have to be off the clock.


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