And Bomber! Don’t Forget Bomber!

Bill Nickless was tied up in the nonsensical Brett Kimberlin lawsuit alleging a vast conspiracy against Kimberlin by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Sons of the Pioneers, the Postal Service and Team Themis (featuring DJ Def Punkazzz.)

Nickless’ only offense was to comment once about Brett Kimberlin.

A footnote from a motion to dismiss published at Hogewash!


Plaintiff is apparently also serially refuses to follow rules regarding delivery of court documents, according to just about everybody who has ever been sued in these cases. Kimberlin also serially refuses to follow judge’s instructions during trials, based upon the reports of John Hoge.  Kimberlin also repeatedly repeats stories which have already been proven to be false and already adjudicated.  He serially involves members of his family in his victimhood fantasies, effectively weaponizing children.  

But don’t forget the serial bombing part.  Eight bombs, and the last took a man’s leg off, forced several surgeries, and was judged to be the tied directly to Carl David Delong’s death by suicide.

Several emergency personnel in a night-time scene, clustered around a person lying on the floor.

The last bomb was left in a gym bag at a high school football game.


If anything here is incorrect, I’ll be happy to edit this.  Based upon a close reading of the important documents in these cases, serial bomber, serial liar and serial litigant seem to be mild terms to describe Brett Kimberlin.



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1 Response to And Bomber! Don’t Forget Bomber!

  1. crawford421 says:

    Imagine if a kid had picked up that bag. Or if it were loaded with others on a bus full of kids.

    Kimberlin should still be in prison. He should have been charged with N counts of attempted murder, where N is the total attendance of that game.

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