There Actually Is No Policy Which Will Not Encourage Islamic Nut Jobs

Remember when candidate Obama said that George W. Bush’s policies toward Iraq and Afghanistan encouraged more terrorists? Then President Obama cured the problem by changing direction?  

Okay. Kidding about that last part.  

From Jihadwatch and Robert Spencer:

Islamic State leader on Trump: his “utter hate towards Muslims will make our job much easier”

The not-so-hidden subtext of this Reuters piece is that Trump’s policies regarding Muslims will only make the global jihad worse, by providing fodder to the jihadis that they can use to recruit Muslims who might otherwise have been peaceful.

A moment’s thought shows why that is absurd. What exactly constitutes Trump’s alleged “utter hate toward Muslims”? That he has proposed a temporary ban on immigration from countries with a high incidence of jihad terror activity. (The business about registering Muslims is a false and absurd claim; it was never part of Trump’s program, despite being relentlessly trumpeted by the establishment propaganda organs.)

This ban wasn’t proposed out of hatred for Muslims, but out of the manifest impossibility of distinguishing jihadis from peaceful Muslims. So Abu Omar Khorasani is essentially saying that because Trump is fighting back against the global jihad, the Islamic State will be able to get more recruits.

Spencer is right, of course, but the left will carry the message that Trump hates Muslims, just like they are now carrying the message that Breitbart is for White Nationalists.  Lies are just what they do.

As for terrorists, they are not reacting to infidels on their patch.  They’re not standing up for downtrodden Palestinians.  Some people just want to kill.  


This is not the Robertson family.  No happy, happy, happy.


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3 Responses to There Actually Is No Policy Which Will Not Encourage Islamic Nut Jobs

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Changing the evaluation of incentives is enough. Particularly stomping the appeal of the 47 virgins to below the appeal of living another day. The most effective ways to do that are considered uncivilized. But an unwillingness to be uncivilized when called for is the downfall of many a civilization.

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    • I think both carrot and stick will be needed, but this crap will stop only when the fatality rate for jihadis increases.


      • onwyrdsdream says:

        Though it would take about 20 years to come to full effect, if the fatality rate for preaching jihad approached 1 in 1 when it reaches the level of actual incitement, you’d find the incidence rate would drop dramatically. Couple that with making life a little more worth living and there you go.

        Especially as some of the ones telling people to kill themselves for Allah are doing so in Western countries where what they demand is outright treason, which has a long tradition of being punished with humiliation and death.

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