No Real Reason to Visit Antarctica

But John Kerry went there anyway.  Two months before he is to be booted from his office as Secretary of State, and replaced with someone much more qualified, Secretary of State John Kerry is visiting Antarctica, a spot on the globe with no long-term population, no government and no diplomatic relations with the United States.

You are paying. Link to Climate Depot

Picture source here.john_kerry_and_polar_bear_0

State Department spokesman John Kirby on the cost to taxpayers of Secretary Kerry’s trip to the South Pole:

“I– I– will see if I can get you– uh– an estimate. I don’t have that, but– uh– uh– I think– you know– eh– any basic understanding or attempt to understand climate change you have to understand what’s going on in the Arctic and the Antarctic, especially with melting glaciers and ice and the sea level rise that can come from that. […] He wanted to go down there and see that for himself.”

Reporter asks if the trip is “basically that the Sec. wants to knock Antarctica off his bucket list and he is doing it sort of on the taxpayer.”

One does not need to visit Antarctica to study Global Warming.  In fact, if you want to teach others about Global Warming, Antarctica is about the worst place you’d visit.

Ask him about the greenhouse gasses burned up landing and taking off, the waste of precious resources providing for his comfort, the opportunity missed when the flight crew doesn’t toss him onto the runway prior to take-off.  

We need to send his wife a bill.  

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4 Responses to No Real Reason to Visit Antarctica

  1. Gus Bailey says:

    I know you know, and the image is triple irony; but there are no polar bears in Antarctica.


  2. Paul Krendler says:

    A one way trip would have been worth every penny.

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  3. Penguins. No polar bears. But I can dream.


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