Anti Bullying Advocate Arrested for Assault

From Jonathon Turley:

Anti-Bullying Advocate Charged With Assaulting Elderly Trump Supporter

Shacara McLaurin, 23, from Brooklyn, New York, is described as the “anti-bullying ambassador” but that designation is in doubt after, according to police, she was arrested on Thursday night for pushing an elderly Trump supporter to the ground in a fight outside Trump Tower in Manhattan. The 74-year-old man, James Durkan, required medical attention after hitting his head on the concrete.

McLaurin is the spokeswoman behind Stomp Out Bullying and has widely told her own story of being the victim of beating in 2011.  Classmates at a Brooklyn school wanted to keep her out of a talent show and five teenagers from her school were charged over the attack.

There is a rage among anti-Trump people that is uncontrollable.  Or maybe they just won’t control themselves.  It was an election, and Clinton lost.  Trump won. Get on with life. 

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