Some People Just Want Way Too Much Power

I’m old enough to remember when the American hippy movement railed against the establishment.  

“The problem with the country is that it’s run by squares. Don’t give in to the man.”

From a post titled Fascism and Free Speech:

There is no absolute right to free speech.  Just as you cannot shout fire in a crowded theatre and get away with it, just as we dont give platforms to paedophiles and cannibals to promote their side of the argument we should not give media space or time to the proponents of fascism or hate speech.  No matter how well meaning the journalist, no matter how appealing is is to “let them speak”, the vectors of fascism should not be allowed speak, for to do so is to allow them infect. The road to hell is paved with good intentions and the road to fascism with well meaning journalists who though they could tame the beast.

Once we accept that some forms of discourse are beyond the pale, as is the case in most countries, we are then in a discussion not on the principle of censoring speech but its practice. My opinion, and its just that, is that fascism and its outriders should never ever be given freedom of speech.   It spreads through the media,  written social and broadcast, and thus needs to be tackled there.

The graphic was also a part of the post. You can pretty much understand what the writer figures fascism looks like.  

This writer links Trump to fascism, in a part of the post I didn’t quote.

This writer figures there’s an objective way to determine those things which are fascist, and there’s a good way to censor those ideas.  

Next time a presidential candidate promotes fascist ideas, the censors should step in. And as you see above, our writer has quite liberal ideas about what fascism really is. 

That is exactly why the left lost this election. Because for all their hippy history, and freedom talk, some of the left just wants to be the man.  

Colourful Beanie

“In one generation we went from we shall overcome… to SHUT UP, your ideas are dangerous.  What happened?”

Related reading from the Federalist: Why all the Hippies Morphed into Campus Fascists.

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1 Response to Some People Just Want Way Too Much Power

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    The groups he mentions can promote their views, as long as they don’t rise to the level of incitement. We don’t give them a platform, but we don’t give anyone such a thing. As for fire, you probably can, as matter of pure speech, but shouldn’t. If law existed to prevent speech promoting fascism, promoting laws restricting speech should be near the top of the list.

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