It’s Saturday

Look behind you to see how far you’ve come.  If you’re David Edgren, that’s a long way.

The Craft Blog has lots of great readers and some excellent blog friends:


You’re quite right, though I have of course witnessed racism and bigotry in America (as I have here in Britain), I would not call America a racist or sexist country. Americans are the best people I know, and I can’t wait for the day when I can call myself an American citizen. All these people wailing that they suddenly feel unwelcome in their own country need to calm down. America did not suddenly transform into some dark dystopia overnight. Let’s have some optimism, even among those of us who are disappointed or concerned! — Samuel Hooper


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2 Responses to It’s Saturday

  1. Charles Hudson says:

    Such an iconographic photo on multiple levels. An exposition of technology, infrastructure, history, individualism, self-determination – all revealed in a single image.

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  2. Who’s that skinny dude with David’s bike?


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