I Think There Are More Options Now

Used to be you were married, or single.  My doctor’s office installed a new software to take demographic data.

Doctors office.png

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3 Responses to I Think There Are More Options Now

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    Perhaps, but all of those things exited in the 50s even if there weren’t blanks for them. Though I don’t see why they need to know. Just keep a list of who to contact, who can visit, and who can pull the plug. One list with a few people and three check boxes next to each. Be sure to adjust the pull the plug column regularly.


  2. I had to look interlocutory up. I am guessing that they must mean in the middle of a divorce. How many folks filling this out would even know what the heck it means?


    • onwyrdsdream says:

      And no blank for sex friends. There is a reason you don’t want to list all the subtle variations on something with infinite variations between “on” and “off” particularly when you insist on including “pancake”


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