I Do Not Actually Mean to Force Someone’s Head to Explode

But, I might have.


Most of what is above is a quote and a link on a blog by a perfectly nice person.  Here is bit straight from the blogger civilrightsactivist:

America died on Nov. 8, 2016, not with a bang or a whimper, but at its own hand via electoral suicide. We the people chose a man who has shredded our values, our morals, our compassion, our tolerance, our decency, our sense of common purpose, our very identity — all the things that, however tenuously, made a nation out of a country.

Whatever place we now live in is not the same place it was on Nov. 7. No matter how the rest of the world looked at us on Nov. 7, they will now look at us differently. We are likely to be a pariah country…

My response:



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Or, your side lost a presidential election. I didn’t support him, but the president elect has more executive experience than did Barack Obama in 2008. He disagrees with you, but so does nearly half the population of the United States of America. Those people who voted for Hillary Clinton might want to think that some level of anxiety affected people who people who voted for McCain and Romney.

Our country has not disappeared. It is simply under new management. You’ll be fine.



I am not responsible for the psychic damage I have inflicted.  If, on the other hand, I have helped this individual find a way to take another step into the new America…I hope it helps.

I was very curious, and I swear I don’t usually care about these things enough to research…

The blogger mentions her hometown.  The blogger civilrightactivist lives in a town with 96% white population.  



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