Don’t Fall for It: “The Freedom to Worship”

From Ryan T. Anderson of  the Daily Signal:

Donald Trump promised that he would make America great again. If he is to make good on that promise, he’ll need to start by robustly restoring our first freedom: the free exercise of religion.

Unfortunately, under President Barack Obama’s administration, it came in for attack as never before. Thankfully, many of those attacks can be rectified in the very first days of a Trump administration.

Trump should commit to protecting the free exercise of religion for all Americans of all faiths. In her concession speech, Hillary Clinton referred to the “freedom of worship”—piety limited to a synagogue, church, or mosque. But what the American founders protected was the right of all to live out their faith every day of the week in public and in private, provided they peacefully respect the rights of others.

Atheists need no protection anymore to pursue their Godless, deity-free form of humanism in the public square. I mean no insult to those without God in their worldview, but yeah.  Quote me.

It’s really not much for the left to agree to allow Christians, Jews and other people of faith to practice their religion in houses of worship.  It is in fact an insult to try and slide by a basic point: The First Amendment was written to free religion from government, and not government from religion. My faith does not stop at the church door at 12:15 on a Sunday.

It is a part of who religious people are.  When we are citizens also, I expect that our citizenship decisions should also be guided by faith.

Does this mean America is a Christian nation?  We’re a nation of laws, written by people.  Some of those people will be Christians, and others will have other world views.  In nation of laws, everybody has rights.  Atheists, Jews, Muslims…all of us.

Of course you might disagree,  Meet you at the courthouse and the legislature.



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4 Responses to Don’t Fall for It: “The Freedom to Worship”

  1. papapound says:

    Dave, I did not see a button for reblog but I put this content up for next Sunday on GoodNewsNow. Thanks for the insight.

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  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    Religion bound only to the church is like speech bound only to “talk houses”, if there were such a thing. The complaint atheists mount about the ten commandments on courthouses only has any legitimacy if they think the courthouses should be Unitarian, as they don’t enforce or require worship of any particular decoration. As for Christmas displays, Harry Reid backed using tax dollars for cowboy poetry, and 4th of July decorations are more expensive, as many of them end up being explosions. Most like them, and no one is required to worship trees or Santa.


    • Dr_Mike says:

      about your “talk houses” – see “Free Speach Zones” on college campuses, as if the USA were not one large “Free Speach Zone.”

      Your arguement assumes your opponents have integrity and moral consistency. They do not, they have only right and wrong; they are right and you are wrong.


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