Useless Pie Chart

White Outs


It may be more complicated than this.

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3 Responses to Useless Pie Chart

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    I saw a sign from Occupy Democrats .. which is a thing? Claiming they’d give Trump the same respect we gave Obama, then said it was none. But we respected Obama to the same degree he respected us- not us Republicans but us Americans. Us Republicans was pretty much zero. But as for Americans, well indeed, quite a small quantity. After all: Obamacare, and his inclination to coddle and support dissidents, illegal immigrants, criminals, and anti American foreign powers, in particular one that starts prayers with Death to America. As long as their assertion that Trump is Hitler fails to be true, we can be pretty assured he’ll respect the population more. And they’ll respect him less than we respected Obama. Though I don’t really expect Trump will get worshiped by much of anyone. Unlike Obama, who inspired a certain reporter to have a thrill up his leg.


  2. agiledog says:

    It may be more complicated than this.

    Not for me, it wasn’t.


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