It is Almost as if the Climate is Complex

And by complex, I mean complex enough that you can’t do much by cutting off greenhouse gasses.  If you could, which you can’t. Scroll down past the map of the Great Ice Age, which happened two million years ago.

Maximum extent of glacial ice

U.S. Geological Survey Map of the Great Ice Age.  No cars. No factories.  No people. Happened all by itself.  

From WUTT, and Physics Today:

But the reality of humans’ impact on climate is exceedingly complex.2 Even if greenhouse gas emissions could be eliminated completely, other harmful anthropogenic [human caused] sources of climate change would remain. And even if global average temperatures were contained, human impacts on climate would manifest in other potentially dangerous ways.

One often overlooked human factor is land use. Deforestation, dryland farming, irrigated agriculture, overgrazing, and other alterations to the natural landscape can disrupt Earth’s natural balances and change weather patterns. As with the addition of CO into the atmosphere, the effects can last for decades or longer and affect regions distant from the original offense. Given continued rapid population growth, they threaten to be irreversible.

In theory, this could be really bad news.  This might mean the next Global Climate Change conference might want to address land use, through land use regulations.  A sort of Global Zoning Initiative.  Actually, I’m sorry I wrote that, because that is probably what will happen.

I think by the time the next Global Climate meeting is held — far away from where the participants live — the game will be up.  People will understand that these nuts are not saving the planet by flying jets to exotic places to write rules for others to live by.  

I say next time they get somewhere for a climate wing-ding, we get the local airport to refuse to refuel.  On account of Climate Change.

Totally Unrelated:


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2 Responses to It is Almost as if the Climate is Complex

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    Man-made global warming will never be stopped until the somber and truly SERIOUS activists like Leonardo DiCaprio, John Kerry and Al Gore have exhausted all the world’s fossil fuels flying around the world on private jets telling me how dire the situation really is.


  2. onwyrdsdream says:

    The CO2 thing is not really an issue. Most of the wavelengths co2 absorbs are absorbed by water vapor. Water vapor is measured in percent in the atmosphere, co2 in parts per million. each doubling of co2 takes twice as much co2 as the last. EVEN 1% co2 is safe to breath, and plants use it for enegy, so if there is enough sun, nutrients, and water, plants will grow faster. The projected heating due to co2 mostly comes from positive feedbacks, but if there were feedbacks to the degree they claim it’d be a wonder if the oceans handn’t already boiled off. In the next thousand years, assuming we don’t engineer a planetary climate control device, co2 will have less impact than minor orbit shifts and sunspot activity.

    The Earth is a chaotic system. we have no means of accurately forecasting climate. people who tell you otherwise you should take less seriously than physicists talking multi world theory.. which is only slightly more developed than philosophers talking about the same.

    Comparatively land use is a far larger issue, but land use or co2, both are straight anticivilization impulses from these guys. As for the population bomb, right now it looks like we will reach ten billion then the number will drop. BUT even ten billion we could feed to US standard if the current usable land was developed at the standard of the US.. though then a lot of the currently farmed land would no longer be needed. But rather than increase land use effeciency they’d rather it become less. You haven’t laughed until you’ve heard a leftist venerate Cuba’s natural farming methods…


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