Hate Speech Trials Here?

From a Federalist article by Alex Grass: 

To see where we’re headed, we need only look to Europe, where prosecution for one’s politics has already become the norm.

During a 2014 election rally, Geert Wilders, Dutch parliamentarian and head of the Netherlands’ Party for Freedom (PVV), asked the crowd if they wanted fewer or more Moroccans in the country. Supporters chanted “fewer, fewer,” and Wilders replied, “We’ll take care of that.”

The Hague Public Prosecutors subsequently decided Mr. Wilders had committed a hate crime.

I don’t know mucImage result for Wildersh about this Wilders guy, except to say that he has marvelous hair, and he makes people mad.  So, he’s their Ann Coulter?

The Atlantic article makes the point that America is headed down the same road as Europe.

That sort of thing has been predicted before. Things which catch on in Europe don’t always find fertile soil here.

On the other hand, listening to college students and Democratic Party politicians, you’d think this “hate speech” bugaboo was about to swallow us up whole.  In reality, people have been hateful before, and we’ve lived through it.  

If a delicate flower has his/her feelings hurt, we should do what we can to make sure they don’t make a federal case of it.  I’m not actually standing up for “hate speech,” but I’m hoping we all agree that political speech especially — but all speech should be protected.  My free speech zone is right here under my feet.

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10 Responses to Hate Speech Trials Here?

  1. onwyrdsdream says:

    If hate speech was illegal in the US the race for the second presidency would have had both sides arrested just for what they said about the other. Which is to say people infinity qualified to know what the founders thought the limitations on speech should be.

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  2. Paul Krendler says:

    If America continues on its current path, there will be trials for hate speech here. I have no doubt.

    But first, there will be trials for climate change heresy.

    Overton window,

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  3. one handle and stick to it says:

    Two differences:
    We’ve read the Declaration of Independence. And we’re armed.


  4. Yes, but they can overplay their hand also. I predict that they will, and folks will stand up against it. When the trials begin, folks like our readers will respond. No. Not with violence, or political violence, but with Tea Party style activism. In some ways, things have to get immediately worse before they’ll get better.


    • This Other Latin F*cker says:

      There is definitely an undercurrent of unrest in this country and we’re seeing more and more push back against the PC culture. When that unrest reaches a boiling point is a good question. What will it take before people revolt?


      • Paul Krendler says:

        Off the top of my head – first, more oppressive policies from Washington. Second, an attempt to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens. Third, and to my mind most important, a galvanizing, old-school patriotic leadership behind whom citizens can rally.

        The Tea Party was great, but no serious leadership emerged from it, and the establishment GOP was able to marginalize the movement, which led directly to today’s ballot box shit show.

        The right leader will be the one who says the right things, and does the right things, and more to the point IS SEEN DOING THE RIGHT THINGS. That leader will make people believe.

        All Trump has done, in my opinion, is make a lot of people who were angry feel better about being angry. Yes, he’s an outsider, but he isn’t the leader America needs.

        It’s like looking a a buffet and seeing casserole after casserole, wondering where’s the prime rib?

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  5. “…an attempt to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens…” Insert ‘free speech’ in place of guns, and there is that second scenario.

    You know the left thinks this talk is all crazy alt-right nuttiness, right? In my humble opinion, we have been on the slippery slope for a long while, but there are people who see the changes. Remember the frog in the water? The left might think that gradually turning up the temperature will cause the frogs to ignore the heat. I am no frog, and I remember when we were free.

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