Christians and Mormons: In the Same Basket

Christians don’t think about Mormons much, unless we’re considering a vote for Mitt Romney or unless we live in Utah.  It should be noted that this election season, there’s much debate among Mormons about religious freedom.  In this situation, we’re in the same basket.

Mrs. Clinton’s policies are clearly guided by an “enlightened” liberal progressive social and political agenda that includes strong support for the legality of late-term abortions and marriage rights for the LGBT community, as she forcefully reiterated on Oct. 19 at the beginning of the last presidential debate in Las Vegas. She said she would nominate Supreme Court justices who would defend those rights. She and her advisers share the elitist attitude that those who disagree are backward, need to be re-educated, or are part of an irredeemable “basket of deplorables.”

Michael L. Call quotes an op-ed from Kem C. Gardner: (I gather both are Mormons.)

Gardner’s op-ed states, “I was asked to assemble a small, nonpartisan group of Mormons to meet with President Bill Clinton in my office on Main Street in Salt Lake City. … President Clinton then looked me in the eye and said the following: ‘I know how important religious freedom is for your people. I want you to kImage result for i did not have if you are under attack, Hillary and I will be in the fox hole with you.’”

All I can say is that if Bill Clinton takes you aside, looks you in the eye and promises something,you need to start asking questions.  Are you that dumb?  Do you have stupid written on your forehead? Is your wallet still in your pocket?  Has your wife or daughter been acting strangely?

Do you really think President Hillary Clinton will be in the fox hole for religious freedom?

Image result for hillary religion

Fire Marshalls were just to the left and right with extinguishers, the cross was coated with flame retardant chemicals, and highly advanced lightning rods had been installed just the night before.  


9 thoughts on “Christians and Mormons: In the Same Basket

  1. onwyrdsdream

    The current representitve of a party which recently booed God at a presidential convention promises to look out for your religious liberty… Right…and be it the husband or the wife, both have lied under oath for personal benifit, the wife on matters of national security… and willfully destroyed evidence, etc.

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      1. AJ Fornicarius Hoc

        I don’t care if it’s orthogonal, polygonal, or perpendicular to the topic. I have absolutely no dog in the religion pit. So when Mormons identify themselves as Christians, I take them at their word, and I don’t have any interest in adjusting the definition to exclude them, or any other sect. I’m of the opinion that Christians who do want to adjust definitions to exclude others from Christianity tend to be not the sort of people I like or want to associate with.


  2. Dave Alexander (formerly ukuleledave) Post author

    I would point out that while Mormons identify as Christians, many Christian believers don’t consider Mormons to be Christians. It’s not meant as an insult to separate out the two groups, since there are many differences. Yes, Mormons believe in Christ. “OnFaith” (which I gather is a Christian website says this:

    We’ve already found it useful to modify “Christian” — “evangelical,” or “mainline,” or “Orthodox” — to bring additional clarity to our increasingly pluralistic society. So a helpful answer to, “Are Mormon Christians?” could be, “Mormons are biblical Christians, but they are not traditional or historic or orthodox or Trinitarian Christians.”


    1. AJ Fornicarius Hoc

      What I take from that is that the first sentence of your post should say “Other Christians don’t think about Mormons much…”
      I won’t quibble with your title, as brevity is more of a virtue there.



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