Elliot and Liv Would Never Have Let This Go On and On

On Law and Order, the first thing they do when they identify a perp  is grab all their computers.  Andrew C. McCarthy at National Review asks a very important question:

Remember, Abedin is said to have cooperated in the Clinton e-mails investigation and sat for a lengthy interview with FBI agents. The agents asked her about her e-mail practices. Assuming they asked basic questions, as agents are trained to do, they would have methodically itemized the computers and e-mail accounts she used.

Yet, the Abedin/Weiner computer, which is said to contain 650,000 e-mails (an unknown number of which are relevant to the Clinton investigation), was not acquired by the bureau in connection with the Clinton investigation. It was seized in an unrelated investigation of Weiner, reportedly involving his alleged “sexting” with a teenage minor.

Why did the FBI agents on the Clinton e-mails investigation fail to acquire and search this computer months earlier?

The question becomes more pressing in light of the Washington Examiner’s report that the FBI failed to ask not only Abedin but other Clinton aides to surrender their computers, smartphones, or other communications devices. [I added paragraphs, and made the important question bigger. – Dave]

Image result for hillary emails cartoon

Source (or the other blogger who copied it. Hard to tell these days.)

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1 Response to Elliot and Liv Would Never Have Let This Go On and On

  1. Paul Krendler says:

    Elliot and Liv would never have put up with this, but John Munch would have a conspiracy FIELD DAY!

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