Don’t Apologize? I Know a Guy Who’d Punch a Hippie For a Quarter

Blogger Am Claridge:

In a recent interview, Lil Wayne described the Black Lives Matter movement as “dumb-ass shit,” and went on to say, “I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.”

“Fair enough,” a reasonable person might say. It is of course his opinion.

But, as you might expect, Lil Wayne was furiously berated by a slew of angry fans and industry peers. Y’know, the social justice type.

Lil Wayne was deemed “ignorant, selfish, and isolated,” for having his own opinion on BLM. An opinion that went against BLMs narrative.

So how do SJWs continue to win?

By forcing us to apologize.

The rest is pretty short, but I won’t scrape the whole thing.  I sometimes hand around with pretty impertinent people.  I seem more measured in my responses to Social Justice Warriors.  But no.  No apologies if you are offended.

Oh, if I make a mistake on facts, sure.  If I hurt your delicate feelings?  Unless you’re underage or special needs, you gotta man up. Especially the lefties.  You too, feminists.

We are a country founded by some very bold rich white men who led some tough rabble into a war with the world’s only superpower.  If we get to keep this patch, and keep our freedoms, we will need to overcome this need to force each other to apologize.  Oh, and I won’t repudiate anybody either.  

The social scientist on the left have a very well organized agenda to wussify not just the U.S., but the rest of the so-called western world.  I will not participate, and I will fight back.

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One Response to Don’t Apologize? I Know a Guy Who’d Punch a Hippie For a Quarter

  1. Russ says:

    Punch a hippie for a quarter? Hell, I’d pay a whole dollar.

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