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More People Struggling With Hate Speech

And in this case, the guy from the Southern Poverty Law Center gets it right. That link takes you to the full interview.  It’s possible he went off the rails later in the story. Anti-Islam speakers have been making the … Continue reading

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Oil and Native Americans

  The protests continue over the pipeline in North Dakota. South of Bismarck, North Dakota (CNN) The standoff over the Dakota Access Pipeline is heating up, and protesters say they won’t back down. On Friday, authorities provided details of the … Continue reading

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Moral Progress?

Michael Shermer of The Skeptic’s Society has taught me a lot about critical thinking, and sometimes about how smart people miss the point. While he might figure that this is moral progress, the issue has never been about bakeries voluntarily … Continue reading

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So the One Place I Cannot Protest Is…

Right next to the Supreme Court, the ones who are supposed to protect free expression.  Rutherford Institute: WASHINGTON, DC  — Rebutting the Justice Department’s assertion that the government can dictate where people can engage in religious activity, attorneys for The … Continue reading

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Most Qualified Candidate?

If you prefer your ambassadors dead, and dragged through the streets. The Washington Post: [Michelle] Obama delivered a resounding endorsement of her predecessor in the East Wing, Clinton, who is also the woman seeking to succeed Obama’s husband in the White … Continue reading

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Must See TV on Netflix

Heartland My wife has discovered a great Canadian TV show called Heartland.  It has been on Canadian TV forever, and has become the longest running show there.  No cursing.  Very little sex, although you can tell they want to. Great … Continue reading

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You Talk Like This, and People will Walk Away Slowly

Milo A Canadian English professor says that because canoers are generally white men, the boats are a symbol of ‘colonialism, imperialism and genocide.’ Misao Dean, who teaches at the University of Victoria, made her remarks during an interview with the Canadian … Continue reading

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Become the Coral…

WUWT has the story and picture of environmentally concious activists trying very hard to show the pain of lost coral: The Stanford team worked with marine biologists to build a virtual replica of a reef around the Italian island of … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When … Continue reading

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Pastor Must Turn Over Sermons in Lawsuit

He must turn over the notes for sermons which were not the basis of his firing…  Confused?  This won’t help: Charisma News: Dr. Eric Walsh was one of the nation’s leading health administrators until being fired in 2014 by the … Continue reading

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